EAC questions

I posted this on the EAC forum but got no response… sorry

Newbie questions, sorry.

System: Compaq Presario 8000T
Windows XP Pro
DVD Reader: Samsung SD 616Q
DVD Writer: HP DVD Writer 300c

I using a Samsung SD 616Q as the cd reader. i’ve tried the read offset detection function and although i get consistent values on repeated tests of each disk, none of them return the same offset. I’ve tried 4 reference disks:
Beatles - Sgt Pepper +2988 LeadIn Only
Beatles - Please Please Me +2343 LeadIn Only
Hair Soundtrack +1388 LeadIn Only
Ammie Mann - I’m w/ stupid +1898 LeadIn Only

Now what?
My plan was to copy from cd w/ EAC and write using RecordNow 5 (which came with the computer so I know it will write to the HP 300c).

Just how much will I loose if I don’t set the offset? I know it won’t be an ‘exact’ copy but will the copy be better that a copy made with some other software.

I’m also confused as to whether I need to use ASPI or not (i’ve tried the test w/ the Nero ASPI DLL and w/o - same result).

Offset should not be overrated, you can rip your audio CDs fine without using the offset option in EAC. IMHO, the offset detection implemented in EAC is not really reliable, and you can do more harm than good with it if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

If you however have to have it, a good and very reliable way to find the correct offset value is using Nero CD-DVD Speed’s “Advanced DAE Quality Test” (download CD-DVD Speed here if you don’t have it already). Create an audio test cd first, then run the test. Finally, write down the offset value (the samples number is the right one, not bytes!) Nero CD-DVD Speed displays and enter it the EAC drive options.

P.S.: You can run the advanced DAE quality test a couple of times, and you will (should) always get the same offset value shown.

P.P.S.: You don’t have to use ASPI. The newest EAC version works fine with the native Win32 interface as well.

“Create an audio test cd first…” - how ?

that cd/dvd speed utility has got to be the most stupidest thing i have ever used. i used it about a year ago and though it was a joke then…nothing’s changed ! asus 5224 all i get thesedays is

First of all, don’t blame a tool that most people on this board use without problems. If it does not work for you, it most probably is a software configuration problem on your side, especially if you are using standard hardware like that Asus burner. Are you sure you have the newest (3.30) version?

As far as your initial question is concerned, put a CD blank in one of your recorders, select the recorder from the CD-DVD pull down menu and do this (picture says more than words):

yep. did that. and got that stupid error. cd/dvd speed is junk. and i’ll blame it all i like thank you very much. ain’t zero wrong with my hardware or software or system setup…

Well, you do that. Nobody forces you to use this great freeware, and nobody forces you to waste my time either. Have a nice day.

thanks for your help!