EAC Question

Hi everyone.

Just started to library my Cds using EAC and been converting to FLAC files, but just wondered as I have been using the MP3 button whether I would have been better using the WAV button or is there no difference until you convert from FLAC to your desired format using a different programme compatible with MP3 players. I’d like to know before I get too far, thanks for any answers.

Right, the WAV and FLAC files contain the same audio data–they’re just different ways of storing it.

Thanks tropic, which would you recommend as I have got to about 40 albums in FLAC format. I was then planning on converting to Mp3’s and set up a duplicate library in mp3 format for players etc. So having 1 lossless library for original backups and 1 library in a format that players could read.

Several reasons why archiving to flac makes more sense …
HDD space, error checking, tagging…