EAC Problem



I’ve been using EAC for many years without any problems to rip tunes from my CDs. Yesterday, I reconfigured my computer by replacing an CD burner with a DVD burner. Now the only CD player that EAC recognizes is a virtual CD. I downloaded CDex and it also doesn’t see the NEC DVD burner.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




Does anything else see the burner correctly as EAC & Cdex shouldn’t have a problem unless you’ve screwed up a setting somewhere like the jumpers.


Thanks, TimC.

I had that same thought and re-checked the jumpers and they were correct. Furthermore, Nero and other programs recognize the DVD burner and can burn to it without any problems.

The virtual drive, by the way, is thanks to CloneCD.



The problem has been resolved by placing a copy of Nero’s ASPI dll in the same folder as EAC.




That’s good to know, thanks for posting back the solution. Should be helpful to others with the same problem.