EAC problem with ASUS DVD-ROM drive

Hi guys…
I have an ASUS DVD-E616 16X DVD-ROM drive that’s connected to my SilImage ATA133 controller(IDE1). It was originally Slave on the motherboard’s IDE2, with an Iomega 48x CD-RW as Master. Everything was fine.

Since I added the ATA133 controller and made the ASUS DVD-ROM drive as IDE2 master and a spare 20GB HDD as IDE1 master, I have been unable to use EAC 0.9beta4 to extract audio. Whenever I try to access the CD from that drive, the program would hang, and Win2K’s Task Manager is unable to close the program either, which means I have to reboot. Everything else works properly - playing of CD audio, etc. The tracks appear within EAC too, but I just can’t rip them, since it’ll hang.

I have installed the latest Adaptec ASPI layers(4.7.2) and my Iomega drive extracts perfectly, and I have enabled digital audio on the ASUS DVD-ROM drive too. I have also previously used the same ATA133 card with the same ASUS DVD-ROM drive on my previous system and it worked, so I know the combination is compatible. What can be the problem then?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Help please?