EAC, Plex Premium, and NEC 3500

I have been slowly ripping my CD library to disk using a Plexwriter Premium that I got. It had to be one of the last ones available on-line (got it from Comp-U-Plus). Anyway, I set it up as I should (been using EAC for a long time). I was happy to get the Premium because everything I’ve read indicated it’s maybe the best audio ripper ever made. I also have a NEC 3500 that I use for DVDs.

I noticed on only a couple of CDs that toward the end of the disk the Plex will have a lot of trouble reading the disk (I use Test & Copy). Sometimes it will generate an unrecoverable Sync Error, sometimes it will slow itself down until it can get past whatever the problem might be. What worries me is that when the Plex has one of these problems I hear it occasionally “click” as it tries to re-read the CD. Is that normal?

It’s important to note that I’ve had this happen only twice after about 120 CDs, but at the same time my CDs are in mint condition.

On one of these disks I did get matching CRCs when it was done, although the result panel said there were errors on the last track. I then decided to re-rip that track using the 3500. I read through that part of the disk with no errors at all, no clicking or anything. The result panel said there were no errors, but the CRCs did not match. Not only did they not match, but the read CRC did not match the read CRC from the Plexwriter.

I have a bunch of things floating in my head now. Is it possible I have a defective Plexwriter? Is the Plex really telling me what’s going on with these disks moreso that the 3500, which seemed to have no problem until the CRC check?

How do they play?

NEC 3550 is a fine burner at the correct speeds. Burn it at 32X or slower!

If they play well I would not worry! Just keep an eye on your burners as well as notes on which media burns best with each burner!

The only real way you can verify your suspicions is to check the same discs on another Plex, as what you really want to see is whether your Plex has a problem. I have the same drive and have not experienced the same problem, yet, and I am no where near as good at EAC as you.

Good question. I don’t have my high end system set up yet to listen to FLACs, so I have to use my PC speakers. They can only tell me so much, but the one ripped from the Plex seems to sound okay.

One that I ripped from the Plex where the CRCs did not match had sections where there were very silect “ticks” embedded in the music.

chas0039, by any chance have you ever tried to rip Disc 1 of The Very Best of The Eagles? Or Bill Evans Live at Montreaux?

No, but it was worth asking. If you really are anxious, I would be happy to set up my EAC settings to match yours and you could mail me a CD to test. The exact same disc is the only way to do a valid test. PM if it comes to that.

Thanks for the offer. I’m going to experiment a bit more.

I thought for a bit it may have something to do with the total size being used on a given CD, but that seems not to be the case. I just ripped a CD that (according to EAC) has over 1 hour and 19 minutes worth of music on it. Ripped like butter. The two CDs I’ve had problems with both have way less than that amount of material on their discs.