EAC or CDex?

Which is better EAC or CDex?
I’ve read much about EAC.
However, my results were dubious.
It performed one task perfectly.
It failed completely at another.
I don’t have the results with my now.
I may have been due to my codec.
Since then I’ve used CDex flawlessly with the same codec.

Thanks for you input.

i say CDex cuz it HAS to be better than fuckin EAC. I used to use EAC and it workred great but I got a new computer and now EAC doesn’t give me shit. sorry but i’m so fuckin pissed at EAC right now and NO ONE will fuckin help AT ALL.

EAC can be very temperamental. it works on some systems wiyh some drives, and crashes on others. CDEX can also be contrary. with a drive that has high quality DAE i prefer to use the latest audiograbber 183. it has a lot of hidden options too,so explore the app if u decide to try it

well EAC does not work on my computer, do you recommend using CDex? or what about audiograbber? and do those use LAME to encode mp3s as well?

for ME, EAC is the best audio-grabber ever used! i love this tool, 'coz i can be sure that it rips my cd’s @ max. possible speed with the hightest quality and a really really perfect error-correction…
works absolutely flawlessly on my both drives (toshi and plex prem)… :slight_smile:

EAC is working fine for me, too. What I like most is the error reporting at the end of the ripping, so I can be sure that there were no mistakes and have perfect sound quality.
I also use CDex and I have no problems with it.

CDex also uses LAME.

When you install CDex, you can enter the path to LAME or allow CDex to search your drives for it.

I don’t understand CDex’s error/status codes x1, x2, x8 etc. “A” = aborted by enduser.

Personally, I love cdex for its simplicity and ease of use. I know that EAC is supposed to do a better job with damaged discs than cdex but in my experience I’ve never found an occasion where EAC has done a good rip where cdex has failed to do so.

cdex it is then. thanks

CDex by a long mile.

Have you tried to change the aspi layer setting and/ or drivers?
Most of the times this can help. Which drive do you use in order to extract the audio?

Does anyone have links to user’s manuals for CDex and EAC?

I’ve been using CDex 1.51.

Has anyone used teh 1.70 beta 2 with great success?