EAC on Win8 - no USB drive support?

Hi all!

I have an older laptop which has been upgraded to Windows 8 (32 bit). Also, I had installed Exact Audio Copy 1.0 beta 3 which did work nicely with the internal CD/DVD writer.
Now I had some CD to rip, and for that job I hooked my trusty external LG GE20NU10.

Problem: EAC does not recognize the drive. No hardware problem since the drive can be used with other applications like ImgBurn or Windows Media Player.

Any idea what I could do?


Would putting a wnaspi32.dll in the same directory work?

See if you can burn an Audio CD to the external from the laptop …

Are you running EAC as an administrator (no idea if that will help, but an idea to try).

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2703116]Would putting a wnaspi32.dll in the same directory work?[/QUOTE]
Haven’t considered this since I have been using EAC with SPTI for ages. The funny thing is, EAC does work with the internal IDE drive.

[QUOTE=cholla;2703118]See if you can burn an Audio CD to the external from the laptop …[/QUOTE]
Using other software (used Windows Media player for that job), the external drive (this is a 5,25" half height unit with its own power supply- incase anyone asks) works fine.

[QUOTE=Stereodude;2703127]Are you running EAC as an administrator (no idea if that will help, but an idea to try).[/QUOTE]
I usually run application software as ordinary user without admin permissions. For troubleshooting, I tried “run as admin”, but this did not help. EAC does not detect this drive.

Have you contacted the developer of EAC? There’s probably some way to generate a debug log or similar that will help identify the issue.

Not a bad idea! :slight_smile:
If I remember correctly, they have some kind of support forum. Will check out if I have a more reliable internet connection (I am on a lousy mobile connection (EDGE) at the moment.

But I wonder if I am the only one who has this kind of problem. :confused:

This probably won’t help as I have Vista.
I don’t have a problem with EAC or other software recognizing the external CD/DVD drive.
The problem I have is I can’t write an Audio CD with the external from any software.
I can write a Data CD .
Both using the same CD RW disc.
I can use this same disc with an internal CD/DVD drive & it will write an Audio CD.
DVDs also write fine.

I blame the external case chipset for this.
To make sure it wasn’t just a problem with a specific drive .
I changed out the samsung & put in an older Matshita I have.
Same results.

Now for how this may apply to your problem.
If a chipset in an external case can not be able to write an Audio CD .
A chipset could prevent recognition by EAC.
I suggest trying an different external to test this with.

Hi mciahel,

I’ve just faced the very same issue (my beloved Plexwriter Premium in an external USB box wasn’t recognized by EAC) but I found a solution that would probably help you too:

[li]download Nero ASPI Layer (wnaspi.dll) from Softpedia (http://drivers.softpedia.com/progDownload/Nero-ASPI-Driver-20150-Download-290.html). It says that it is version but actually it is[/li][li]important: “Unblock” the downloaded wnaspi.dll (right-click, Unblock)[/li][li][LEFT]copy wnaspi.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (it [U]may[/U] work if put in EAC folder, but I did not test that)[/LEFT][/li][li]in EAC Options -> Interface, select “Installed external ASPI interface”[/li][li]done! ;)[/li][/ul]
Good ripping!


P.S.: Ooops… I just noticed you’re on Windows 8 [B]32bit[/B]. This being the case, put wnaspi.dll in C:\Windows\system32 (or try EAC folder…)

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