EAC Offsets for Toshiba SD-R6012 needed



Please, I need the EAC read and write offset correction values for a Toshiba SD-R6012. Thanks.


Appears to be read offset -116 (correction +116)

Common to all drives of that range.

If you know the read offset - you can then write and then read a test disc, to get the compound offset, and then work out the write offset.


Thank you. For some reason the EAC Reference CD method returns results all over the map.


If you have a correct reference CD, then it should return the correct value - is it repeatable for the same CD, as if it varies for that same one, then it would suggested that it is not accurate - have you tested the drive setiings and allowed it to set the one it gave?


I think one of the discs gave that offset value. I will see if it is reproducible.