EAC Offsets for Samsung SH-S203B

Does anybody know what are the correct EAC offsets for a Samsung SH-S203B?

Since nobody answered to my question I found it out myself :wink:

The read offset for the EAC: +6
The write off set for the EAC: -6

I found out the offsets comparing the read and write results to my old Plextor 716A results (+30 and -30).

Thanks for the follow up info, I am sure somebody else will be wondering this at some point

That “somebody” would be me! Can anyone else confirm that the offsets posted by auster are correct?

Both values are correct, read offset +6 is also listed here:

EAC supports burning in native mode with this drive, so you can verify it yourself through creating the offset test CD within EAC.
The combined offset ist 0, so write offset must be -6.