EAC: No audio with secure mode



When I rip Audio CDs using the secure mode of EAC with the following settings:

  • Drive has accurate stream
  • Does not cache audio
  • No C2 error reporting

There is no audio in the generated WAV file. All I get is a huge WAV file wtih silence.

There are no problems with the Burst Mode though.

My drive is a LG 8240B 24X10X40X

Any suggestions :confused:

If any other LG 8240B user had ripped in secure mode, what settings are to be used ?


did you select these options yourself, or did you let EAC configure itself? also, every time a drive is profiled, it tries to send its info somewhere, i cant remember where. maybe that would help? try using the c2 errors, if possible. thats something i havent heard of before. post back :wink:


EAC could not configure the drive. It just takes about 2 seconds or so for doing the test (which means it failed to set it up automatically). My Samsung CD Drive correctly gets configured, but not my LG Writer.

I have tried with both C2 errors on/off. And I know for sure that this LG drive can’t return C2 errors.


Install an ASPI layer and select it in the EAC otpions, and if it doesn’t work;
Manually set the read command to MMC-1


I set the read command to MMC-1 and its working perfectly now. Thanks a ton, Mr EAC Expert :slight_smile: