EAC Mp3 ripping...temp files help



I rip to MP3 via Exact Audio Copy 0.95 Beta and lame 3.90
When Im done ripping a CD, Along with the ripped tracks, I have in my ripped folder like 3-4 files named something like this: Ttmp7!l!5.mp3
What do i have to do so these tmp files wont appear?
Any help appreciated
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Don’t know. I’ve used EAC with LAME a couple of times, and I don’t recall the temp files you’re talking about. Try dropping back to the previous EAC instead of using beta software. Also try asking over at Hydrogenaudio click on that and it will take you to the wiki link about their forums. I’m a member myself, but haven’t had much call to use it as I’m more a video guy. They seem to really know their stuff. Don’t forget to search their wiki before posting!


The temp files you see are the files that EAC is currently working on.

You can set EAC to rip the files in one long string (one after the other) and compress with a background program (e.g. Lame command line). As it compresses each file it renames it with a random name and then goes to work on it. When finished it renames the MP3 file back to its correct name and deletes the WAV file.

If you close EAC before its fully finished then you get left with the WAV files and the random named file as well. The encoding would have only partly happened.

If you are sure the files you have with random names are not wanted (try playing them) then delete them but ALWAYS check at the bottom of EAC to make sure all copression has finished before closing EAC or you will find you get more of these random files and you will be missing a few tracks from your audio rip.


The explanation by [B]qwakrz[/B] should explain it.
But the .wav files are only deleted after compression if the option is checked. Otherwise they are left to accumulate and consume drive space.

I like to have more control over installed programs on my system, instead of having them crap all over with default settings.
For that reason, I have employed the use of the options offered by EAC that allows better control created files. I have created folders on my music partition that would accomodate these files, should they ever exist.

You can control the disposition of these files.