EAC locking on gap detection

Hi, All.
My headline pretty much says it all. I’m running EAC on an XP machine from Dell. I’ve used it dozens of time with no problems. However, now, when I try to detect gaps prior to the actual rip, it completely locks up, no matter what CD I put in. I tried it with a CD I had previously ripped successfully, and it did the same thing. I have changed no settings. The only difference is that the transfer mode of the HDDs involved has changed. Prior to this, the main drive, on which EAC resides, was running in UDMA 2, and the drive to which it rips was in PIO (long story). After much futzing, they both popped to a brisk UDMA 5, which makes ripping movies much faster, lemme tell ya. But NOW, I have this annoying EAC issue.:sad:
Any ideas?

Gotta be in your settings…