EAC + Lite On Problems



for some reason i cant get eac to rip at more then 4x (just talking about extract to wav here) ive tried enabling drive spin up but that doesnt seem to spin the drive up at all. any other ripping app and i get ~40x its just with eac that im having this problem. its a 1633s, using bsos firmware.


Your problem is probably not actually a problem. If you have “Secure Mode” enabled in your EAC options, the program is setup to read audio information twice to make sure that it is accurate. This is what makes EAC the best audio ripper around. If you want faster extraction, enable “Burst Mode” instead, but be aware your copies are not guaranteed 100% accurate. BTW, I have several Light On drives, including a 40125s 40x burner, it probably peaks at about 8X read spead during extraction at the very end of a disc, and trust me, the system is not holding me back by any means, P4 2.3 Ghz, 0.5 Gig ram…Hope this helps…