EAC latest build seeing only 1 of 3 drives

Loading it up I can only use my Samsung drive but my 3 LG’s are not showing. Any way to remedy this?

I’m not using the latest build since the version I have is doing all I need it too.
You might try the various “detect” buttons in " Drive Options " to see if that will make EAC see the other drives.
If that doesn’t help you could try the " Configuration Wizard" .
Can you see the LG drives in Windows Explorer ?
As a last resort you could do an uninstall of EAC. Reboot & install EAC & Reboot again.
That might correct the registry if the problem is there.


you happen to have Sata drives and ASPI installed?
If so, this could be the culprit.


Are any of them running on a “controller card”

Because I’m not sure EAC will detect optical drives connected through a PCI controller…