EAC+Lame Stereo options

Hi, I need help with stereo settings. When I encode songs to mp3 format, it usually does it in joint stereo. What I want to know is how to rip and encode mp3s in Full Stereo using EAC and LAME. Any help please?

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I don’t remember the settings. However, Joint Stereo is “full” stereo (in the sense that it doesn’t do anything to the stereo), you certainly mean “Left/Right” stereo, that is also “full” stereo, but with inferior quality regarding the encoding process itself.
Joint stereo is an intelligent algorithm that switches between Left/Right stereo and Mid/Side stereo as needed for keeping the best encoding quality.


hm…it was kinda hard finding what I want to find out. I want it in the stereo that release groups usually use. I think it sounds a lot better and projects the sounds more. Anyone know how to do this on EAC?

joint stereo is the preferred mode for encoding with LAME. anything u’ve heard about full stereo being better than joint stereo is a result of the use of lesser encoders.

You must get the EXE version of Lame. In “compression options / external compression”, check, “use external program for compression”.
Parameter passing scheme : “user defined encoder” (correct me if I’m wrong)
File extension : .mp3
Program used for compression : (browse to your Lame.exe file)
Additional command line options : (here you can set the switch for full stereo, that is “-ms”)

A way to get it setup easily is to run the configuration wizard of EAC. At a given point it asks you if you want to use Lame for encoding. Then all the options are setup ok.
Then, back in this window, the --alt-preset standard" command line appears in the middle of a code that links it to the “high quality” checkbox (and another line for the “low quality” one). There you can add -ms right behind --alt-preset standard or the other setting.

Again, this will decrease the quality of your MP3s. If you don’t trust the above link, here are more technical ones, with explanations and examples :


You can find most of the cited examples here : http://www.ff123.net/samples.html

The analysis is deeper in this older thread : http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?act=ST&f=15&t=683

using the razorlame frontend allows you to do this as well.

lamedropXP does it also. just drop wav or mp3 on it to decode or encoode


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how to rip and encode mp3s in Full Stereo using EAC and LAME.
You can switch to CDex for that matter.

Mode (default value Stereo):

With the LAME encoder, you can specify how the file is encoded.
The default stereo option is recommended,
but at lower bit-rates, the Joint-stereo or Forced stereo can yield better sound quality

Stereo :
In this mode, the encoder makes no use of potential similarity between the two input channels. It can, however, negotiate the bit demand between both channels, i.e. give one channel more bits if the other contains silence.

Joint Stereo :
In this mode, the encoder will make use of a correlation between both channels. The signal will be matrixed into a sum (“mid”) and difference (“side”) signal. For quasi-mono signals, this will give a significant gain in encoding quality. This mode does not destroy phase information like IS stereo that may be used by other encoders. This setting can be used to encode DOLBY ProLogic surround signals.

Forced Stereo :
This mode will force MS joint stereo on all frames. It’s faster and it uses some special mid and side masking threshold.


cdex has nice option…i think it is a bit more eassier then eac

i use it now instead of eac