EAC isn't detecting audio CDs - any ideas why?

Hi, I’m trying to rip audio CDs with EAC and LAME, but for some reason EAC doesn’t detect audio CDs in either of my optical drives. It seems to be some kind of a software configuration error, because other programs like PowerDesk, MusicMatch, WinAmp and WMP can play the CD tracks with no problems. Any suggestions on settings I should check? I tried installing the program with the default settings, but it doesn’t recognize the CDs as audio discs with that configuration.

Read this sticky thread in the EAC forum, maybe it can help you.

I installed a copy of the winaspi dll file from Nero in the EAC directory, and now it works fine. The problem I was having before was that I hadn’t changed the settings in the “Interface” tab to the ASPI settings when I installed the ASPI dll file.

One question - I’m currently using a copy of the ASPI dll in both the Nero and EAC libraries, and I have other programs that use ASPI as well. Would it work if I moved a copy of the .dll file to the C:\Windows\system32 and deleted the other copies in the directories?

In my Win2k Pro box , i had to delete the Nero winaspi.dll from the Nero folder ,because it was crashing the Nero in any attempt to start the software .
Nero ver latest X.X.X.14
I had from before installed the ASPI 4.60 .
So after deleting it ,everything works sweet .

And yes the 4.60 winaspi.dll ,it is always at the system folder.
I do not keep copy’s of it here and there … :slight_smile: