EAC Help neded please

ok so i just tried to open EAC (all i did was double click the icon, no cd was in the cdrd) and this is the message i got:

“The ASPI interface could not be initialized correctly. Error E8H. No host adapters found”

does anyone know what that means, and how i would go about correcting that problem?

my burner is an internal Hewlett Packard Cd-Writer Plus. and i use Adaptec 5.0 as my burning program.

thanks in advance:)



What Windows version are you using?

It could be that you need ASPI drivers. If you search this forum on ASPI you will find some information on that. Don’t know if it is the answer, but it could not hurt to check it out.

99.99% sure you don’t have a proper ASPI layer installed… Are you running WinXP or Win2k? These OS don’t have a standard ASPI layer on-board and you need to install it yourself. You can get the ASPI layer from www.cdrsoft.cc (or my own site if you’re Dutch). The program I used is called ForceASPI and it’s working fine here.