EAC Gap option?

I notice EAC has some gap options…

My question is since I am only riping mp3’s for my ipod not actually copys of cd’s, Do I need to worrie about gap detection (modes A, B , C, accurate Etc.)

Gap detection is for software to record each song as separate file.
For pop music is OK either way (use it or not). If you do not use it, all songs will be recorded into one large file, but since a gap is already recorded on CD, than they will play the same.
It is not good for classical music since the software misrepresent a pause for a gap and split one piece into few.

No, the gap detection mode is not really important. It’s one of those settings you may want to tweak if you’re really picky or if your drive is really having trouble detecting gaps properly on the inaccurate setting.