EAC freezes on startup

Last night I was trying to rip a CD (2nd disc of Dj Shadow’s - The Private Press) and EAC froze. Ever since that point, it freezes every time I start the program.

I have a Lite-ON 16A7S and I’ve tried switching SATA ports on my ASUS P5B-Deluxe, but that didn’t fix it. I’ve also deleted the drive and reinstalled it, and tried deleting the “timingAllowed” keys in the registry to reset DMA, but neither has helped. The drive is listed as working correctly in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, and I can play CD’s in WinAMP. I can’t, however, do anything in Exact Audio Copy. This only started last night and I haven’t had a problem with EAC and this drive before.

Could it possibly be the latest update to Nero 7 that I installed? Any other ideas?


Try. AudioGrabber. It works fine for me.

just uninstall/reinstall eac that should clear its configuration and let it run right

im sure it does,but its not as accurate as eac or dbpoweramp

I tried that and it didn’t help. I unisntalled and deleted the directory, perhaps I need to go delete registry keys as well.

Edit: Audiograbber just froze on me, so maybe my drive has partially kicked the bucket.

yup your right i did a check with regmon , goto start–>run–>regedit , navigate to
hkey_current_user\software and delete the awsoftware key ,have you installed any storage related driver before it started? , try removing the upper/lower filter drivers

WTF are you talking about. Not as Accurate. WT… You audio rips stright from the CD only way it wont rip “Accurate” is if your using all your ram when your trying to rip a cd. Get you facts straight newbie. BTW you can just uninstall the program. You have to do a lot more then that just to get a clean uninstall.

lol if someone is a newb here its defintly not me… , eac & dbpoweramp can rip using a read offset that is unique to each drive for 100% accurate rips , audiograbber does not hence it doesnt not rip the audio as accurate (and im not talking on the track itself naturally youll hear it from start to end without glitches and alike,but it will not be in same quality as the track on the cd… slightly lower)

you wont notice the difference unless you are a musician, music producer or audiophile with well trained ear. If mp3’s are good for you that any CD rip will be excellent for you.
few differences in the zero’s and one’s between the rip and the original CD wont make an audible difference.

Well, I switched my 16A7S (SATA Drive) for my 165H6S (IDE Drive) and it seems to be working in EAC. Perhaps I’ll mess around with the SATA drive more this weekend.

Ok. So were bolth not newbs leave it at that :iagree: . Dbpoweramp is my alt. AudioGrabber works fine for me. Never any glitches or anything like that. I guess it is only on some people.