EAC for backup of my music cd's



I’m gonna backup some cd’s using EAC becouse it states the original gap’s of the tracks.
So I have CDRDAO and I know EAC uses an internal burning app.
I have also put my WNASPI32.DLL in the EAC folder. By the way is it for the internal or CDRDAO this file is attended?

So I don’t know what to use to burn my cd’s after I have made the images to my hard-disk. The internal or CDRDAO?
By the way I also got Nero 6… can this software handle the image files and burn them as they are?

I also got some cd’s with data, like videos and photos.
How are they handled in EAC. Will they get included?

If not what should I do, can I use Nero?
But I still need the gap’s to be proper.


There are not many programs that can handle EAC’s non-compliant cuesheets properly…This is 1 of them,freeware/cardware:


I don’t know how well EAC’s burning engine works now,but in the former versions,it was rather picky with recorder support…


I know this sounds like a stupid question, but what do you mean by “gaps” exactly?


OK, I may have a stricter interpretation of the word “backup” than others, so I define making a “backup” of a music CD to be take the music CD and a blank CD-R and copy the music CD to the Blank CD-R and that’s all. If you are performing a backup as I described above, I prefer to use Clone CD because it is one of the quicker programs to use, that I have, when you clock it from the first double click to open CloneCD to when you have a completed backup of a music CD (haven’t compared it to Alcohol because Alchy is having a hard time with my system config. and I don’t use BW because of the arrogance of their people).

I only use EAC when I am making a compilation CD or am trying to fill in the empty space at the end of the CD-R with additional music. Most of the time, though, I am making a quick backup to takealong on a trip or something, so speed is more important for me.


That sounds the same as everyone else’s interpretation of the term “backup”, also does that method leave the gaps as they are in the original audio CD like the original poster was asking for?



As far as I know. I can’t tell the difference in gaps between songs with a CloneCD copy and the original, all I know is that the songs do have gaps between them and they neither seem longer nor shorter than those in the original. The original poster could get the trial version of CloneCD and try it out for himself and see if the gaps are OK.

Now if he was looking to edit the gaps, then EAC along with a separate burning software would probably work very well. Rip the CD to HD and save each track individually, then use the burning software to write the songs back and adjust the gaps as necessary (experimentation with a CDRW is highly recommended). I did something similar when I ripped the audio from a DVD and saved it to a couple CD’s for a homemade “audio book” to listen to on my long commute (have to break up the monotony of music from time to time). I had to set the gaps on either Nero or EZCD Creator 5 to 0 for this case, but the gaps can be made to be various lengths.