EAC for backup of my music cd's



I’m gonna backup some cd’s using EAC becouse it states the original gap’s of the tracks.
So I have CDRDAO and I know EAC uses an internal burning app.
I have also put my WNASPI32.DLL in the EAC folder. By the way is it for the internal or CDRDAO this file is attended?

So I don’t know what to use to burn my cd’s after I have made the images to my hard-disk. The internal or CDRDAO?
By the way I also got Nero 6… can this software handle the image files and burn them as they are?

I also got some cd’s with data, like videos and photos.
How are they handled in EAC. Will they get included?

If not what should I do, can I use Nero?
But I still need the gap’s to be proper.


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