EAC Files are Silent

I’ve checked cue lists with EAC’s cue editor before.
Discs that worked had “Index 01” listings for each song.

This one disc shows me “Index 01” listings for each song AND “Index 00” listings for some but not all of the songs.

The visual bar doesn’t list the number of each song but does have a line for each one.

The first song has an “Index 01 00:00.00” line as it should.
However there is also an “Index 00 00:00.00” line.

EAC will extract to MP3 and WAV but when I play the files, I hear nothing.
I don’t think that my external LAME is working correctly.
That would explain the MP3 files being silent but not the wav files.

EAC will play the original CD.
Any other player jumps around on the disc.

I can use Cool Edit Pro to play/record/edit each song.

Where can I get the latest LAME and how do I set it up with EAC?
Why can’t EAC make wav’s or a working CD image and cue file of this disc?

I deleted all the Index 00 lines but that didn’t help.
I changed all the Index 00 lines to Index 01 lines and deleted the original Index 01 lines but that didn’t help.

I was thinking that the music is there but the index points the laser to the wrong place. I assume it’s off by 00:00.32.
EAC does make large size files but I hear nothing from them.

Note that CDex couldn’t extract or make anything of this disc.
EAC has the “Copy Protection” box checked. So, I assume there is copy protection.

Thanks for any help.