EAC (Exact Audio Copy) 0.9. Beta 2 available

I just posted the article EAC (Exact Audio Copy) 0.9. Beta 2 available.

Rik used our newssubmit to tell us that EAC (Exact Audio Copy) 0.9. Beta 2 has been released that is mainly a bug fix.

Nearly after every beta there was need for a bug fix, the program…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3198-EAC-Exact-Audio-Copy-0_9_-Beta-2-available.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3198-EAC-Exact-Audio-Copy-0_9_-Beta-2-available.html)

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that should be standard on your PC available
Yes indeed… I :* EAC :smiley:

EAC is the best there is.

This is the best ripping program out there i love it!!!

Yup it’s the best.

truly is a very good prog … kudos

Best ripper out there by far. Dont like the GUI though - lame complaint I know but it’s too fidgety, the GUI of somethin like Audiograbber is nicer and simpler. Still - it does produce the goods so that’s the main thing :slight_smile:

I take it back, just installed the new version and he’s done a LOT to improve the GUI. it’s a lot nicer now :slight_smile:

Back again. Ok - I’m using LAME v3.91 with EAC and I’m trying to set it up. It’s meant to write the ID3 tags as it encodes it after it rips it but it doesn’t seem to be doing it. Anyone fancy telling me exactly what settings I need to use where. Thanks :slight_smile:

okay, so i just downloaded and tried the new eac. my gawd its so pretty looking. i didnt mind the previous GUI. it did a kickass job that a i didnt care good job!

let me be the 8th person to say that eac is the BEST im sure this release will still be the best… and i wonder when there will finally be a 1.0 version of eac (or a real final version or something like that) :slight_smile:

and i’ll be the ninth without actually saying it.