EAC: Couldn't detect matching read command

Greetings all,

I asked the following question in the Lite-On forum, but I didn’t get any response, so let’s try here.

I’ve got an LTR-48125W and I’m trying to rip tracks from the Key2Audio protected disc VNV Nation - Genesis 1.

When I fire up EAC (v0.9 b4), it reads the disc correctly, finding 4 audio tracks and a data track.

However, when I try to rip a track from the disc, EAC throws a big dialog box in my face that starts out: “EAC couldn’t detect a matching read command for this CD-ROM drive.” It goes on to say that I should try some of the various read commands, but I’ve tried each one and they all give the same error.

I also tried Fuerio, and Clone CD (like it says on the ripping audio guide in the CD Audio forum), but both of them pick up jibberish or silence from the disc. On un-protected discs, EAC works fine.

Any ideas why I’m getting this error? I originally had firmware VS04, but after upgrading to VS08, I get the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.

EAC Settings:

  • Secure Mode
  • Drive has ‘Accurate Stream’ feature checked
  • Drive caches audio data checked
  • Played with all combinations of the C2 error options, but I always get the same problem.


I get the same thing:Z But I have a old plextor x16 that seems to rip good. :wink: . I see my F1 works too, but your right. My x48 liteoff will not work…:rolleyes:

Originally posted by Cleetus
Any ideas why I’m getting this error?

That’s caused by the protection. Key2audio uses several tricks to confuse a pc-based reader. According to the firmware of your drive, this disc is so unusual to him, it can’t find a matching read command to read the cd…

I assume your cd is protected by an early version of Key2audio. For this version it is known that LiteOn cannot read them. Afaik know most LiteOns can read the current versions of Key2audio.

In your case I would suggest to use another reader. After you have read the .wav files, you can write an unprotected disc which also works in your LiteOn.