EAC: Cooling CD in fridge corrects rip problems

I originally posted this at the end of a thread about EAC at Afterdawn but thought the folks here should know about (and hopefully comment on) my “discovery”:

I’m currently in the process of ripping a CD-R that skips. It was originally burned from FLAC files. I don’t know what the problem is (if anybody can suggest possibilities I’m open to them - I use only name-brand blanks and the burner was a Plextor 760A), but EAC seems to be able to copy the tracks. One six-minute-long track, however, took 18 hours.

I’ll submit a full report after all the tracks are ripped and I do a listening test. Here’s hoping I won’t break the 18-hour record.

PS WILL this burn out my drive? (It’s a new “Plextor” 820SA)

Okay, here’s the update: After I finished ripping all the tracks, I listened to them all the next morning and several had errors - ticking, skips, noise, etc. The log files for these showed quality rates as low as 88%. Some had taken several hours to rip.
So I reinserted the disc and re-ripped the tracks that had errors. To my surprise, most of them ripped with no errors and showed perfect to almost perfect quality. But in ripping the last of the bad tracks - which was also the last track on the disc - errors started to show up.
I wondered what might account for a track taking hours to rip on one attempt and then ripping perfectly on a later attempt and decided it might be heat.
So I pressed the “Skip track” button, ejected the disc, and stuck it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Then I stuck it back in the drive and the track ripped perfectly.

Below are the logs for this same track - the first after ripping the four most difficult tracks (with the disc in the drive for several hours), and the second after chilling the disc for 10 minutes:

Track 31
Filename I:\IMG\Caldara_Maddalena\CD2\Chi serva la beltà .wav

Suspicious position 0:00:00 - 0:02:46
Suspicious position 0:02:49 - 0:02:50

Peak level 98.5 %
Track quality 88.1 %
Copy CRC 59E78E60
Copy finished
There were errors

Track 31
Filename I:\IMG\Caldara_Maddalena\CD2\Chi serva la beltà .wav

Peak level 98.5 %
Track quality 99.9 %
Copy CRC D72A5977
Copy OK

No errors occured

Any comments are welcome.

Thanks for the info - in fact the ‘fridge trick’ has been known for a few years to work for recordable DVDs. Used it myself with some success and would say definitely worth a try on awkward material.

Cool info. :slight_smile: It also helps to have multiple drives from different manufacturers as they will have different reading abilities.