Eac & Cddb

I’ve just installed and setup EAC version 0.9 beta 4. The problem is that when EAC connects to a freedb server, the CD is not found.

When I use WinDAC with the same CD and freedb server, the CD information is properly retrieved.

Any ideas of how to get EAC to work with freedb? or should I retreat to version 0.85 of EAC.



Use the same FreeDb settings as you use in WinDAC. FreeDb works fine with me in EAC!

Thanks for the quick response, Upp3rdOG. I looked at my WinDAC settings and there was nothing in the freeDB email setting.

However when I went back to EAC and entered a Dummy email address, EAC or freeDB (I’m not certain which program is at fault) was able to find my CDs.

I consider this problem resolved.

Thanks again.


You’re welcome!