EAC cannot detect my CDROM drive



I am a newbie to EAC.

My system includes Windows 2000 Pro, EAC 0.94 beta 4, and an AOPEN CRW2440 CD-RW drive.

I just installed EAC and ran the configuration wizard, and it did not find any CD drives.

What am I missing?

If I cannot get EAC to work, what do you recommend for splitting up a single audio track from a commercial CD into smaller parts on multiple tracks?


Do you have nero installed? If so go to your nero folder and find the file called “WNASPI32.DLL” once you’ve found it, copy it to your EAC folder it should then be working


That did it!

Thank you much!


your welcome


This also sorted my problem. :bow:
I only found this site after doing a google search and thanks to your help have decided to register just so I can say thanks, Thanks.



there is another method for Windows 2000 and XP:
This has the advantage, that drives, that are connected to additional controllers and external drives can also be used.


No worries mate glad it helped