EAC audio extraction and error correction question for my Liteon 167T


This is gonna be a lengthy post so bear with me please. Also although I am an enthusiast when it comes to hardware I don’t completely understand all the technical specs so be nice. :smiley:

I was recentley on the market for good audio cd ripping drive. My LG 4163B firmware A106 can rip about 95% of my collection with relative ease without resorting to EAC secure mode’s error correction. Just as cdrinfo’s tests on the 4163 point out, once it starts going over scratches, it’s error correction is pretty mediocre, therefore it always stumbles on certain tracks on some of my cd’s.

I got frustrated with this so I did some research reading the reviews and decided the Liteon 167T and 16p9s were the two best choices. I picked the 167T over the latter based on the CD-Check Test Disc results (it aced it 5/5 on the 5th level, something most drives cannot achieve according to cdrinfo) .

To my surprise, my “no error” ripping session for a disc with 1 badly damaged track resulted in a pretty choppy sounding wav file. I always thought “no errors” in EAC secure mode meant picture perfect rips, identical results regardless of which drive is being used to rip. Boy was I in for a surprise.

In hindsight I realized how important the C2 accuracy percentage was. When I purchased the drive, I didn;t quite know how the “error count” and “error loudness” would translate to in terms of audio tracks. WHich brings me to my questions.

Was buying a 167T a bad choice? How much better will the 16p9s be in terms of audio ripping performance? (It has a much lower “loudness” as well as error count and 99.7% C2 accuracy.) Should the 16p9s’s inability to reach level 5 on the cd-check test have deterred me from buying one? Whats the best readily avaliable audio ripping drive? (Plz don’t say plextor premium! Everyone says that! :smiley: ) Quite frankly since I found out EAC’s secure mode performance depends heavily on the drive itself, I honestly don’t know what to trust anymore. Sigh.