EAC and XP




I have just downloaded EAC and I am trying to use this under WinXP.

The program installs fine, I also downloaded the latest version of lame and pointed EAC to this too. However EAC will not recognise and audio CD that I insert into the drive. I am using a Plextor PX-40TS. I also tried configuring it with my CDRW which is a Plextor 24/10/40a but no joy here either. Which makes me think maybe its a system problem.

Both drives work ok with media player and play CDs no problem.



I had the same problem when I started using the newest version of EAC in windows XP (the old version of EAC worked fine in windows 98)

I fixed it by opening EAC, going to the file menu, then EAC options (F9), going to the interface tab, then changing the interface to ‘installed external ASPI device’… it used to be ‘native win32 interface’…

hope this helps you.



Thanks for the info, I had to install an ASPI layer reboot, select the option you mentioned and its working now.