EAC and my Sony DVD Q58A

Ok so I have been using EAC to rip cds for some time now and then encode them with razorlame and both work really well, i have a DELL Lattitude D610 with the Sony DVD.

Last week for some unknown reason the DVD disappeared from the device list. I managed to get it back (not sure how!) but now everytime i go into EAC it hangs, there is nothing shown in the device dropdown.

I have uninstalled EAC a number of times now, both new and old versions and after the software is installed the drive gets picked up and all is well. When i come back the next day EAC hangs straight away!

the drive works quite happily with VLC to play music/films etc its just EAC!


any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, EAC is the best ripper and i dont want to go to an inferior product (my opinion I know)



I would go to Control panel/Device manager & uninstall your DVD drive then reboot.It should reinstall.
Then see if it says the device is working properly in Device manager /Properties for your DVD drive.
If that doesn’t fix the problem.Have you installed some CD or DVD related software recently & then started having the problem?
The cause could be a software conflict.
There is another ripper CDex you could test with.I’m not suggesting you switch to it just see if it will do a rip for you.If it does then there must be a software conflict somewhere with EAC.If it doesn’t it still might be a software conflict but points more to a hardware problem.
At that point make sure the cable is in well & maybe test with another drive if you have one.

Tks for the reply

I have been cleaning up the laptop of late (using CCleaner uninstall and its reg cleaner) so the only thing i can think of is that something has been deleted.

Have tried the uninstall dvd and reinstall and that makes no diff so I agree it must be s/w

I will try the CDex route and an external dvd rom drive as well, tks for the ips.

Tks a lot


with CCleaner it will save BU of the reg settings it removes if you allow it to.Not a bad idea to use that feature at least till you are sure everything is working still.
Depending on your OS there is another reg backup tool ERUNT.
I think it only says it will do 2000 through XP but it works on Vista HP for me.

Many thanks for your tips

I have tried a number of things and was about to give up, then i tried one last time to reinstall EAC, this time I followed the detailed instructions in ChrisMydens install page on his website and lo and behold it now works ok, mystery to me but there you go! problem solved :slight_smile:

many thanks Cholla