EAC and "clicks"

It happened already a couple of times that EAC reports no errors when ripping a CD with a damaged surface resulting in a single irritating very hearable click when played back. It just copies the click exactly as from the original. But how to know it does click?

PS using the option ‘remove glitches’ doesn’t help either.

if you have the “drive is capable of reading c2 error information” (or something like this, i’m using the german version) enabled, disable it - maybe your drive does not support this correctly…
if this isn’t the case, just post your hardware you use (esp. ripping-drive) and the eac settings, as you can do much wrong when configuring eac… :wink:

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As Razor1982, it can be that you need to tweak your EAC’s configuration. :iagree:

If you need help with EAC, you can check the famous EAC tutorials by SATCP,


or Womble’s Exact Audio Copy Guide here at CDFreaks.

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