EAC & A07U Don't Work - No Matching Read Command

I use EAC 0.95b3, and I am trying to extract some tracks from some of my CDs on my new A07D. I cannot extract the WAVs on my A07U. EAC gives me an error message saying it couldn’t find a matching read command for my drive.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a solution?

I have tried search words in various combinations:

eac* eac exact audio copy A07 read command

But I coulnd’t find anything useful in the Pioneer forum or the burning hardware forum.

This is normal if the audio discs is copy protected and the drive do not support reading protected audio discs.

I guess that is your problem.

That is very odd. Fortunately, I am able to extract with my Plextor. I hate keeping original CDs in my car.

try ripping a old cd that you’re sure that doesn’t have protection, the plextors never had much problems with protected audio cd’s.