EA won't disturb second hand game sales anymore - bye bye Online Pass

I just posted the article EA won’t disturb second hand game sales anymore - bye bye Online Pass.

EA will no longer sell games that use the Online Pass Program which allows a game to be installed on only one computer or console.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ea-wont-disturb-second-hand-game-sales-anymore-bye-bye-online-pass-67172/](http://www.myce.com/news/ea-wont-disturb-second-hand-game-sales-anymore-bye-bye-online-pass-67172/)

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Good news

Pay close attention MS and Sony, for your new consoles.

… noting that they haven’t abolished the online pass for existing games … they’ve just verbalized their intention not to use it in the future (for now) because it proved unpopular with gamers.

Does EA even make decent games anymore? I was of the understanding that all their games are derivatives of existing titles, and if they wanted a new game, they bought an existing game studio with an original game idea under heavy development, and then proceeded to destroy it.

EA is the borg of the gaming world.

Are you listening Microsoft/Sony? First EA admits DRM is a failed dead-end strategy, now they are making it easier for customers to second-hand sell their games, with the new owners not having to deal with some stupid “this isn’t your game; you must be a pirate!” crap.

And the best part, they weren’t forced by anyone to do it. Rather, they decided to do what no one else in the tech industry does anymore: they listened to their customers!!!. If Microsoft, Sony, and pretty much every one in the move, ebook, and audiobook industries did this, their customers wouldn’t be forced to resort to piracy to get what they thought they paid for in the first place!

Didn’t I read this same article on another news site this morning by the include additional info that EA was intending to implement a one time activation thing?

[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2687912]And the best part, they weren’t forced by anyone to do it. Rather, they decided to do what no one else in the tech industry does anymore: they [B]listened to their customers!!![/B].[/QUOTE]
Considering EA’s falling sales trends and for the length of this collapse, I’m not sure your conclusion is correct. They didn’t make this change until they may have heard the silence of NON-customers. “No more ka-ching?!!”

Your counseling is perfect: Sony… Microsoft… hear that? Er, or perhaps better, “Hear nothing?”

Well debro, its an old game franchise but the EA Sports NHL series are always amazing. I’ve been playing it since NHL’93 and almost every year there is something new and innovative in the game style, physics, controls… whatever to keep me interested. And every few years there is a huge leap in the game. New controls, new physics models etc.

EA also just got exclusive development and distribution rights to Star Wars after Disney “dissolved” Lucas Arts. RIP Lucas Arts… lets hope EA can produce the same level of quality. Hopefully Battlefront 3 will see the light of day after all !

Well, it’s coming with the next console generation anway. Why would they spend money on a problem that’s now solved my M$ and $ony?

…they’re just a very naughty boy.

I recently purchased EA’s Android version of Monopoly at Google play for $5 and, shame on me, did not try to play it within 15 minutes. The game simply would not get past contacting EA servers and would error out with a message to contact support. After navigating through multiple screens designed not to help you but to get you to give up, I was able to contact a human being. I just wanted my $5 back. I don’t want to troubleshoot for you, I no longer want to play the game, and you are wasting my time. Full stop. After several emails back and forth with the script kiddies who could not seem to understand that I cannot give them any information from the menus inside the game because the game will not start, I gave up. Five minutes after I contacted Google Play, I had my money back. From Google.

Now, please do not confuse Google with God, either.