EA: Pirate our games

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In the wake of The Sims 3 leaking to BitTorrent and being downloaded millions of times, Electronic Arts is rolling with the punches.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, EA CEO John…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16098-EA-Pirate-our-games.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16098-EA-Pirate-our-games.html)

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Yeah, I know a couple people who got frustrated the pirated version was missing a ton of online/community content and stuff you can only get my registering the original game.

EA, as much as we can despise them for other things, are clearly going in the right direction. They are using piracy as free advertising and publicity for their games.

HELLO! They’re finally starting to get it. No DRM on the game or disc but you can’t use our servers for online without a valid registration code or paying us some money.

I read somewhere that in Brazil copying and sharing music CDs is legal because they are only considered to be “promotional materials” for live concerts.

Not really. You can easily find all the missing stuff online (torrents…) and easily apply it. No need to use the official game, register it, etc.

To avoid any confusion: you can get the full game, including online content via the pirate route.

Selling you a game which is NOT the full-content game just to make you BUY more shit after you’ve bought it is just a dirty, dirty way of making business. And they dont charge you little for the “base” game, either. Last time I checked, around 50€, the same as a normal full content game.
So we shall pirate every single game you make, EA. And we’ll play it to the fullest, and we’ll laught at your expense. Just because of these kind of statements, I really don’t wanna buy anything anymore.

They may be starting to get the idea that it can act as a promotion to their product; I am just curious to see whether they will also embrace the notion of dropping all protection schemes; since they don’t really do anything else but add up to the final production costs.

As long as they dont charge ‘subscription fees’, micro-payment to buy virtual accessories can bring a lot of revenues too. Sub fees = more motivation to write an entire server-emulator ;D

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I should have read this before posting to No retrial for The Pirate Bay. perhaps there is hope after all for file sharing’s relationship with capitalism.
One can only hope…