EA games (safedisc)

I can’t play safedisc games on my pc!!! even if I use the original

It just says please insert correct cdrom.

They used to work fine.

Any ideas anyone?

Apogee mobo
80gig hd
Plex pre
pioneer dvd ao5


What is your spec?

What is the game thatwont play or is it more than one.
This is one i have never herd about before.
You say thay used to play… what has chanced from then???

what kind of programs have you installed recently? certain programs are blacklisted, and will cause safedisc games to not load. searching for safedisc and blacklist should bring up a good chunk of threads that detail this.


say it is not so …thought everyone didnt believe in that or admitted it …hehhehe

I know it is out there …there can only be ONE lol