EA games are not working!

I’m having problems with BF 1942, Sims2/open for business, and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assult. all ea games… I had to reformat my computer and i can seccesfuly install all those games with no errors. But every time I try to play them, I get Please incert correct cd, please try again type thing… I have updated all chipset and drivers for my motherboard, graphics card, audio, and firmware for my DVD drive… And remember, everything worked before the format. I have installed a non ea game and that works just fine so I know the drive works fine as well. There are no emulators installed, no burning programs installed… I’ve tried everything that I’ve read in all posts… I’m confused.

System spects.

WinXp SP2
Gig motherboard
600+mb ram
256mb gforce 5500 graphics
Sony DVD -+rw drive…

are you running the Games from the Drive that you installed them from.

yes… i only have that one drive.

I think i might have figured it out… i changed the ide ata controller thing to a duel thing… found a post somewhere out there. and the sims 2 now works… going to try the other EA games… I havent had so many problems with a brand of games this much before… I swear, I’m going to mac, i hate searching for all these stupid drivers all the time.

I thought it might be this problem
But the symptoms are different (though this is a problem in some EA games).