EA exec: DRM is a failed and dead-end strategy

I just posted the article EA exec: DRM is a failed and dead-end strategy.

The president of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, has stated that Digital Right Management (DRM) is a failed and dead-end strategy.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ea-exec-drm-is-a-failed-and-dead-end-strategy-66601/](http://www.myce.com/news/ea-exec-drm-is-a-failed-and-dead-end-strategy-66601/)

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Pay close attention MS and Sony, with your new consoles in mind…

against piracy, they wouldn’t admit that it also kills the gaming experience.

drm is used for the specific purpose of stopping piracy, even though it kills the gaming experience for buyers of the games. it doesn’t stop piracy for very long but does piss off the game buyers and makes them think before buying the next game. if both Yves Guillemot and Frank Gibeau were convinced drm was effective, they would just keep using it. now admitting to the harm it does, why carry on using it? the best way to reduce the pirating of their games is to drop the prices to sensible levels instead of expecting to recoup all expenditure in the first week of sales. that and stop criminalizing customers. that doesn’t go down too well at all!

Well, I’ve personally stopped paying for Ubisoft games because I just don’t want to deal with that crap any more. EA software is starting to get on my crap list, now, too…

I have mixed feelings about this article. On one hand, Microsoft and Sony have been adamant about continuing DRM practices. Therefore, it must be effective… NOT! Maybe it will work on opposite day, but the rest of the year people will show it to be little more than sheer utter crap.

On the other hand, the article doesn’t really mention much about why the game needs the internet… only that it’s “more online than before”. That’s not really an explanation.

The Users are the real problem.

Even the shittiest DRM won´t keep them away from to pay to be a slave.

Steam begin to do so, the ppl buy it and payed for keep away from freedom

So they tried to make the game mmo, but that doesn’t explain why single player mode requires a constant server connection, nor why half the content is missing from the game so they could force DLC purchases on the user to provide a complete game experience, nor why the sim AI is what we’d expect from an early 1990s amateur chess game, nor why they completely failed to provide enough server capacity for launch day.

Massive fail.

The only thing that could save this game is re-release as simcity c/w service pack pre-applied to restore all the missing features, fixed AI, and an apology to all purchasers of the game.

Gibeau also added that EA has not properly made clear to users that the new SimCity is more a MMOG than previous versions.

It seems EA tends to to that a lot. They keep changing well established franchises. That SHOULD actually be a compliment, since it proves that the company is all for innivation, new ideas, etcetera.

But why o why do they keep f-ing up this stuff.

My guess: EA’s too big. Too many people involved who are not game developers and/or programmers.