E85H direct TV record problem

Hi all

I have just set up my Pana E85H in the following way:

Lat night I successfully managed to do a copy with the sky+ box and use the “direct TV record” button on the panny to copy onto the HDD.

Now this morning I have tried to transfer another film the following message appears…

“The TV set is not suitable for this function or the power was off”

Any other people had this problem or know how to solve it.

My setup is below.


AV1 (TV) to TV - there is only 1 TV scart

AV2 (decoder) to Sky+ TV scart

Connections are:

AV1 output = RGB
AV2 settings=
AV2 input = RGB
AV2 connection = decoder
Ext Link = Ext Link 1

Just an idea, was the program you were trying to record a “pay per view” or pay service program…HBO, Showtime, etc movie? It may have copy protection on the program itself.
I have ran into that on payperview from DirecTV satelite.