E60L Original 1.00 Firmware (LG 20x GSA-E60L DVD Rewriter)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-E60L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]This Saturday, I went to a friend of my dad to buy a new LG GSA-E60L burner (Yes!, it was new, all packaged and such). I wanted to use this burner for my Sony laptop [specs are below] which has got a Blu-Ray burner with 4x DVD burn speed. And this 4x speed sucks, of course.

The LG burner was only 15 Euro (friend of my dad, you know) so I just bought it. Connected it to my laptop, firmware 1.00 installed automatically from Internet. However, there were some issues:

  • The USB Booster program did not work: DVD burning went to 16x and then the buffer began to move up and down. The speed decreased to ~12x.
    The LG burner, which is E60L is capable of burning @ 18x and 20x. However, burning times were around 5 minutes, and Blu-Ray station could read the disc properly, so no big problem.
  • The biggest con for me, was the slow dvd ripping speed (riplock). I read on the forum that you can crossflash your drive. I crossflashed mine from
    E60L to H55L. The crossflasher stopped at 10%. However, rip speed increased to ~12x average and 16x max. This is about as fast as burning at 16x.
  • My E60L is now recognized as an H55L, because of errors with 1.05 FW, I turned back to H55L 1.01 FW
    -The H55L is not recognized anymore by DVDInfoPro tool. This was a very handy tool for me…

What do I want then: I want a E60L drive with 18 or even 20x speed and a decent rip speed of about ~12x average. Furthermore, I want the drive to be recognized as a proper E60L. But first I want to go back to my old 1.00 firmware. Where can I get it. The only thing I need to do, is to flash it with this firmware to get my original drive.

Specs of SOny Vaio:

Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 @ 2,20 GHz
300GB HDD @ 4200 rpm
(could this be the bottleneck?, I also simulated a burn and the same buffer underrun happened; however simulation does not use the harddrive, only the device buffer)
Blu-Ray Disc R/RE Drive (also supports DVD/CD)
VISTA 32 Bit Home Premium
LG E60L (crossflashed to H55L)

Also some pictures with my drive and TDK 003 media
Set drive speed to 18x and disc starts turning harder than 16x, so drive sets itself to 18x but at some point, bufferunderrun occurs. The buffer is moving up and down, and the drive tries to keep at least 14-16x speed, but in the end stays at 12x (does PCAV affect this thing)


Probably too late to tell you this now, but the performance of the drive is heavily dependent upon the connection used. Very few USB connected drives can reach up to 16x when writing, because of both the host computer and the drive enclosure itself in most cases. You’re better off just writing the discs at 12x.

The only suggestions I have for you are to ensure you have no other USB devices connected at the same time as you are trying to write to the external drive, and also ensure that you have your computer’s power profile set to “High Performance”.

Now, LG is notorious for NOT publishing firmware updates. For this reason, there is no E60L firmware update on the internet to allow you to get your drive ID back to a GSA-E60L, not even the original firmware. And there’s no way to get the firmware off of another drive and on to your drive. You will have to stick with your drive as an H55L.


Well, guess I have to stick with my crossflashed E60L.
LG tricked me/us:

-USB Booster program does not work, not even on the original E60L firmware
-Burner cannot reach 20x speed, not even 16x!

However, I saw a guy on this forum with the same E60L, also crossflashed
His burner reached 16x (without buffer underruns). How can this be?

Is there anyone who has Firmware 1.00 for E60L??? Not LG!


[QUOTE=bipkip;2147813]However, I saw a guy on this forum with the same E60L, also crossflashed
His burner reached 16x (without buffer underruns). How can this be?[/QUOTE]A different host computer?


I think, the crossflash not only made E60L into H55L, it also made the pc think, the burner is without usb. And because the pc thinks, he deals with an internal drive, the data is not correctly supplied and causes buffer underruns.

Is it possible to extract the original 1.00 firmware from an E60L drive. If it is possible, can anyone supply this firmware to me? I would be really, really thankful for that.

A proud, but sad owner of a wrongly crossflashed E60L (its working though @ 10x speed max)


It’s been possible to dump LG f/w for about one year now. I’m sure someone will have it.


And also to turn you dump into an executable file that flashes my E60L (now H55L) back to the original E60L 1.00? If so, YES!!!

Waiting for someone who can dump his firmware


Well the tool is not available. You will just have to wait and see if someone has 1.00 f/w.