E30L or e10L?

I have to choose between those for DVD+R x16 writing,DVD VIDEO ripping, DVD+RW x8 writing mainly.
Which will you recommend?

Do faster speeds really matter to you??
If not go for the E10L for the reason that it has a Renesas chipset whereas the E30L has the Panasonic chipset. The LG drives based on the Renesas chipsets are said to be better.
Others will help you about the DVD video ripping part.

I have the E10N (non-LS version of the E10L) and I’m most happy with it’s burning capabilities - as mentioned, it’s a Renesas chipset drive which is very nice IMO.

I don’t rip with it though, I have LiteOns for that - the LGs I have are slow rippers anyway.

Most important is that it’s external, low priced with good results (currently I have a liteon 160p6s).
x16 to x18 speed difference - not important (few seconds?)
x8 rw important.
DVD-VIDEO ripping - important.

As I mentioned, LGs are slow rippers. If ripping speed is important, I’d rip from your current LiteOn.

Other than the rip speed, the LG I have fits all those criteria.

The e10l can be speedpatched for ripping.
It has extremely good error correction.
Mine could read a Movie DVD-R 4,7 GB at full 16x speed without errors whereas none of my DVD players, recorders and other drives could even play it to the end.
Renesas 16x is almost as fast as others at 18x


I went on the E10N (external USB 2.0).

"The e10l can be speedpatched for ripping"
How do I do that (can u give me a link to the right firmware)?