E.V.I disc repair products

Hey all, I’m just wondering whether anyone here has experience using E.V.I GmbH’s products for disc repair. This is probably gonna sound kinda markety so sorry about that, just dunno where else to ask, cept maybe emailing EVI, though I’m guessing they’re not gonna reveal trade secrets.

I personally use Xerapol a load to fix video game discs, it’s a white paste (looks a bit like glue) that functions a little like brasso but also disolves a thin layer of the surface too. It’s also labled on the rear as unsuitable for use on polycarbonates, not that it seems to make a difference. It works great, only takes a few minutes of polishing, fixes most minor read errors, and leaves a much nicer finish than brasso.

And I just noticed today the same company make a load of different products for scratch repair, including one branded Disc Repair Polish (not the easiest thing to google). So I’m just wondering if anyone’s used it, is it any different to Xerapol (I’m thinking they just use the same paste and rebrand it), and if it is is it any better?

And if anyone’s in the UK and wants a tube of Xerapol to try out, I have a few spare, it really is great, and I really don’t work for them :disagree: :cool: seriously though, if anyone is using brasso loads to repair things, try this stuff out.