E-retailers shipping fedex



anybody know of any online stores selling dvd-r media at decent price that ships with fedex or usps? ups is just so slow, im sick of waiting week and some days for a 1.5lb box of media.


Newegg does.


but newegg doesnt have large selection of media like supermediastore, meritline, etc.


I would recommend Rima.

From them to you is 4 business days via UPS Ground, it’s also the same for FedEx Ground. If you need it any sooner, upgrade your shipping service, same goes in any situation for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

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fedex is alot better than ups, i usually get packages a day earlier with their super saver shipping (think thats their ground plan), where as ups takes a week to week and some days. i think usps priority mail is the best because its fast and cheap but ive never tried DHL.


Newegg has Verbatim +R MCC 003 for $27 delivered after rebate. Hard to get better than that.


Rima or ACCA will ship Fed-Ex if you ask them to.


If you’re talking about Neweggs “Super Saver Shipping” that’s FedEx Express Saver, similar to UPS’ 3 Day Select.


For what it’s worth… I used to work for UPS.

I’ll never ship anything by UPS again after seeing what people can get away with there :eek: UPS is mostly union employees, so they can’t do anything to employees for destroying/losing packages. Fedex isn’t union. UPS does pay damn good though.


LOL! Thanks, I’d rather ship with a company that uses employees, not “independent contractors”/slaves.

One second you complain about UPS being union, the next you praise the union for giving you a nice paying job. Make up your mind. It seems that too many people forget what good the unions have done for workers.