E.Power Cdr (Very Good)



look here to see the cd !!
What do you think of the cdr? not bad for £3 for 25 from cd stall on the market.


Scans please!


?? scans please ?? what are you on about ??


i paid 2.50 for mine


And What do you think to them? :confused:
You done data or music?

But i got 50 for £5.50 - just to try them see what they was like, there not bad, i wouldn’t put data on i’ll use them for music to get rid off, and then i think i will stick to Datawrite and Datasafe cdr’s, i must say the DVD’s which
i am using are the best ones yet Arita - pink 100 for £26 :smiley:

it was £3.00 for 25
£5.50 for 50
£10.00 for 100


i’ve only used them for ps2 backup’s burn’t at lower speed play’s fine on it at high speed burn’s it make a bit of a niose reading them don’t get go5’s any more i find the quality of them ain’t to good any more all though i have got some 4x speed ridata’s +r at 6 x speed which i find good for movie backup’s at 1.95 pack of ten


here’s a scan only scanning software i use don’t like it tuff :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


Hi i’m new at this please could someone tell me how to put a picture (image) on here? :confused:


The CD-R will be very good indeed (Ritek based dye)

As for the DVD - The ones you are buying are B Grade. Can be hit and miss really. I’ve had a excellent batch and then a load that caused blocky pictures in movies and so on.