E-net B/C grade/defective media (datwrite/bulkpaq/ritekG05 ++), user results wanted

that’s got to be a joke 25 ridisc printable £20 if not it’s darn right ciminal
in alot of my local pc shops all they sell is ENEt stuff and the infinity samurai dvd’s
only one shop i can think of that sell’s ridata i think is a real ritek brand and traxdata
for about £1.50 more but for that you get a more consistant product

:bigsmile: Someone really screwed something up if they said that.
If you really good as your name suggest then you would know why I used the bigsmile smiley.

I kid you not! They claim to have bought stock when it was dearer than it is know (LMAO) :Z I say stick to the proper stuff and if no one buys then they will be forced to do something about the quality. While ppl keep buying, they will keep selling! Ina ll fairness these Ridisc Xreme are probarly as good an Enet product as I have had! some of them do work well ( unlike those ridisc TTG02 ). A decent company sticks to the same dyes and shows consitency and the end user at least as confidence in what they are buying.

People people.
Why dye is true in some cases. However a lot of folks confuse mid and dye.
If they see a mid they think the companny in the mid is the one who makes they dye, which doesn’t have to be true.
MID = Manufacturers id.
Dye = the chemical component.
Now let me give a example. How complex things can be.

Maxell 16x DVD+R made by CMC with PHILIPS stamper/MID and FUJI OXONOL dye. (For completeness Maxell also has there own 16x DVD+R media)
As you can see we have here 4 different compannies involved in one single disc.

Datasafe hub printable, prodsicS03.

Picture of defect dvd-r titanium printable (not taken by me)

i’m in australia, the other day i bought a 50 spindle of bulkpak 8x +r white printable, mid code = Yuden T02, total crap :a
scan here:

Scans from quality media look like this:

Other scan


Datawrite Grey (fujifilm03) is a deception, especially since many people get good results with them.
Datawrite titanium (CMC MAG AE1) give me very good results,
Datasafe hub printable (prodiscS03) fail over 3.5/4 GB.

for my main dvd+r disc dvd backup’s
4X datawrite RICOHJPNR01 18p each
4X ridata ritek R03 19p each
which is best

have used a lot of ridisc 4x silver printables and was suprised to find them an excelent disc but they are drying up now tried the 8x and had troubles over 3.5 gig discs were blotched near the outer on most of the discs obvious rejects have tried most of the bulkpac they seem ok at first but soon go crap and dye changes so whats the point of trying them if they are goner change :a tuffdisc not written any but have a few in my possesion they are clearly verbatim overprints the only thing tough is the top layer of (hamerite or similiar paint) which is realy thick in an attempt to hide the verbatim logo i could see no visable dye imperfections and they read ok but they are overprints and are described as A grade :Z

here’s ritek R03 at 8x can’t do scans yet :a
think i will stick with these

Anyone notice that Sarahjh69 who was the biggest advocate of e-net labeled discs seems to have disappeared? :wink:

True - but this person have connections to e-net/e-net related websites. And it’s normal to defend the companies you have relationships with - right? :wink:

I have connections to cdfreaks and would for sure defend cdfreaks if needed - even though I do not get paid for the work I do here.

So I can’t blame this person - but this person is for sure not objective regarding the quality of e-net media.

i have a lot of grief from e-net and the fact sarah aka pjclark does’nt post on this thread speaks volumes to me, she says she aint connected…maybe not until made moderator of an e-net forum.

i respect her but i’m sorry she knows nothing about media and drives, makes out as though she does because she burns a few here and there…sorry means shit love :slight_smile:

Shaf(e-net) can shove his threats and crap as i will take the fool on legally or not as the case maybe :wink:


Tell your lawyers punctuation aint a crime…it helps :slight_smile:


For all you that loved the datawrite greys fuji code wake up it was prodisc dye always was, as has been said on here already mid codes mean nothing regarding dye.

I can when she/he tells me I am full of crap for posting these findings in other threads. I can understand him/her defending the company when the claims are unfounded, but certainly not with the kind of evidence that has been posted here. That and the fact that mr.clark tried to hide the fact that he was connected with e-net. If he had any pride/confidence in his connections he would’ve come here under the same name and admitted that he recieved royalties from e-net. In his defense though, I suppose it is possible that he only makes those claims about E-net discs because they are sending him their best batches. The fact of the matter though is that he chose a very unhanded way of representing his business (much like e-net themselves). Anyways, I understand that you are just trying to be objective, I just have no patience for the following:

  1. Scammers

  2. Cleaning up after thier messes (helping to educate those who bought the media and then come to the forums asking why they can’t get things to work).

Then again having patience is one qualities of a good admin. :wink:

BTW here is the thread I am talking about:


all i would like is that they be more truthfull about their product’s just say thease disc’s are’nt grade A but lower and that’s why they are at a lower end price then people can’t complain about their products you get’s what you pay for nuff said insted of all the marketing bull so now i will not touch them just stick to nown brand name’s

I would say that is fair. As long as they are willing to own up to what kind of quality their media really is.

just making sure ridata is a A grade ritek brand name that or i have to go with traxdata cos i now they are.Only other lower price option localy

Ridata is straight from Ritek. Not rebadged or relabeled by someone else. I’ve always had good luck with them but it has been a while since I have used them. You might want to play it safe and go with Traxdata.

i think i will get a few of both & hopefully nec will release the scaning firmware so i compare them to each other just seems to take along time now you know the firmware is their

i think most of us who have tested a lot of media over a long period feel that genuine TY DVD media is the best but prices seem to vary in different countries, i know in the usa they are fairly cheap compared to uk so i only use them on special occasions myself. have to say that other than the TY’s genuine ritek has never ever let me down and i tend to stick to traxdata and ridata branded now only.

this is one thing that proves something to me though - in the past i used plenty of enet branded ritek g03/04/05 discs and i have seen plenty of visible flaws in the dye, streaks and also scratches. but with ritek discs i have used sourced from riteks own brands only i have still yet to have a disc with visible flaws on it and to be fair if i am buying a grade a disc why should i expect to see any?