E-net B/C grade/defective media (datwrite/bulkpaq/ritekG05 ++), user results wanted

Hi everybody!

I have received some sample media from e-net (thanks to e-net for sending it) as well as having gathered some e-net media from other sources as well for reference. I’m going to make an article about their media - and would like some user input before starting on the article.

I want to hear YOUR experience with their media and especially these types of media:

Datawrite 8x DVD+R Printable, media code MCC 003.
Datawrite 8x DVD-R Full-face printable, media code MCC02RG20
Datawrite 8x DVD-R Printable, media code CMC.MAG.AE1
Datasafe 8x DVD-R Printable, media code CMC.MAG.AE1
RitekG05 OEM printable, media code RitekG05.

Other printable media types distributed by E-net (Ridisc, Rivision, Bulkpaq, White label, datasafe, datawrite) is interesting as well.

I’m especially interested in these media types as I’ve found them to be more or less B-C grade/defective.

For reference - you may take a look at some of my test results with Datawrite printable DVD+R and DVD-R here with media codes from Mitsubishi:

Datawrite DVD+R printable
Datawrite printable 8x DVD-R

The reason for asking is that I want to see how spread this defective media is - and if it’s being distributed all over Europe - or only in some areas.

Non-printable regular media test results is welcome too - but so far I’ve only noticed minor glitches with other media types (scratches, DVD-R media marked and sold as DVD+R media, and some dye defects have been found on a few discs).

Also how would YOU like to see a test of their media presented? There is several ways to do it. One way is to include Media made by the same manufacturer and compare against the media brands distributed by E-net. This is to see if the claims made by some users and competitors is true: E-net media is B/C grade. Maybe this way we could show that E-net media is better or worse than media from other brands?

For example:
Verbatim MCC003 vs Datawrite MCC003
Traxdata RITEKG05 vs Ridisc/Datawrite RITEKG05
Verbatim MCC02RG20 vs Datawrite MCC02RG20

Any bright ideas?

I’m also thinking to add PI/PO values from both Lite-On and BenQ, as well as a reading curve from NEC ND-3500AG.

Yes Please :slight_smile:

I got nec 2500 for burning, Lite On SOHD 167T for reading and PI/PO

Media available for test if you want
Datawrite grey FUJIFILM030
Datawrite titanium CMC MAG AE1
Datasafe hub printable 4x ProdiscS03

BTW main E-net problem is the quality that may vary batch to batch.
In your description it look E-net send you the goods that give the best results (or less complaint from users)…

Next time ask them to send you Bulkpaq FUJIFILM03, Tuffdisc, Ridisc Xtrem (marketing hyped as AAA+ grade).

For exemple my datasafe media all failed over 3.5/4 gb with fast increase of reading error

Also the A-grade overprint stuff (the ugly blue overprints) - which seem to be a earlier version of TUFFDISC.

Also for TUFFDISC 4x media check out cd-rw.org review on TUFFDISC 4x media.


Conclusion the disc’s are not grade A. (Vissible defects on TDK and Verbatim media are not tollerated by the compannies !) Also I don’t think a CMC disc with vissible defects can be grade A anymore. (I can ask if people really want to know )
So that one showed the difference for these 3 even if they only posted the k-probe scans of the tuffdisc media.)

E-net media ends up allover the world.
Canada (I know a companny who got samples !)
Middle east. (E-net dubai http://www.e-net.ae/news.htm)

Hmm point is benq/k-probe is nice however you only see the actuall errors. (and jitter !)
It’s a shame we don’t have access to the profesional stuff because in this case some overpriced analyzer like CATS could just give us some nice extra

would’nt trust the disk’s they gave you. most likely they chose the best one they got. more reliable are the one’s are the one’s people buy for them selves. could do PIE-PIF scan of them when nec releses the new firmware if you find it of any use. cos i do buy them cos there cheap but only use them for backup’s any thing important i got some ty’s

Well - if the discs I got is their best… well then thier regular stuff is not good at all…

My personal view on Datawrite Titanium Silver (ProdiscF01) and Yelow MCC003-as sold here-each cake box of 25 and 50 discs,contain at least 50% of defective media-not able complete burn,burner stuck (need reboot system to open tray)

This is a very interesting discussion OC.
I have personnally tested a lot of Enets media at some point in a bid to see if why their media varies so much.
Here are main finding s on Enet media:
Always the first batch is good media for the most part. This has been true of all media I have bought that has been Enet branded (datasafe/ridisc/tuffdisc Bulkpaq etc - even Hyundai is enet?) and then once you think you are on to a winner the dye code changes and you disc that fail past 3.75 gb in quality scans. Remember the good G04 ridisc, the bad G05 ridisc, the good datawrite with CMCMAG AE1 dyes suddenly changing to MCC based dyes that where bad. I think most users of enet based media can give claim to similar experiences. When they are good they are actually good discs, but its not often they are good.

So far the findings are consistant with pretty much every other forum on the net (barring disqworld for some odd reason :wink: ). Seems to stay good long enough to hook people, then turns to shite after a batch or two. This cycle has been repeated several times over the last several years.

O MY LORD some one has owned up to buying the duffdisc oop’s tuffdisc’s :bigsmile:

I think this sums up my feelings on the Enet quality check. Out of 50 i have had 23 good ones and 27 that have failed to deliver. Out of the good ones 6 failed past 4.3 GB. So out of 50 AAA media I got 17 that managed to deliver. Here is a an average Ridisc AAA from my spindle on the Plex 716 compared to an average Traxdata G05.

And to be as fair as I can to Enet, here is what a good one looks like when its good.

can trading standards not be call on them for claiming to sell AAA grade media when they are lower grade . Any way i was thinking of trying their 4X RICOHJPNR01 cos think their new and i have noticed that their first lot are not too bad i think just to make a name for them before they sell the crap stuff.o and are the 50 tub’s of the 8x dvd+r verbatim the real mcc or the cmc made stuff cos rip off world oop’s pc world are doing them on offer at 19.99 just now

o if you like the tuff disc i still now where you can get 4x princo’s :bigsmile:

To save posting all screenshots again I thought I would give you the link to my media results. As you may see after a short read, the Datawrites are good in first bacth. If you check the YUDEN based media thread in particular you may see how well the Hyundai fairs against proper TY!
The link is Here

Hyundai is not a e-net product
They might however distribute it. But you can also order it directly from infosmart. (check there business pages.)

i would not even bother wasting my money these days on buying any enet media just to see if it is goin to be ok or not. how daft is that when there is loads of great TY, verbatim or traxdata media around at the same prices?

please someone explain whey they would not by these and instead buy enet when the costs are similar and chances are you will get b/c grade landfill material ??? sorry but i think most of us have been there now bought the t-shirt and done all that so why bother going back to do it all again, how can you trust company that says cmc make the best DVD dye? rofl :Z

there is a reason why they keep launching new disc brands/names all the time :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up…I wasnt sure if they made and distro’d or just distro’d.

I agree, verbatim and Trax are very competively priced nowadays on 8x and 16x media. No need to risk it. But the fact is, a lot of ENEt stuff ends up in your local PC Shop. I just come from my local shop where 25 ridisc printable with a dye code of TTG02 was £20 per 25!:O! Of course i tried to tell em it was very bad media but they still didnt take it off the shelves…

£20 SirQUK ouch! :eek:

just read the reviews from the link dakhaas posted: http://cd-rw.org/articles/archive/tuffdisc_4x_dvd-r_review.cfm and its things like this that make anybody with a little media knowledge suspicious:

Tuff Disc, as well as being based on a highly compatible dye, has the further advantage of being able to withstand any type of treatment thrown its way - from everyday wear and tear to the rough handling and damage caused by small children, or when taking data off-site. Our disc has been reprinted with a tough pebbledash finish producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media.

why do they not just come out and say they are over prints instead of making crazy claims. lol maybe they can send the good members here some samples so we can all test that strength claim? i have my hammer at the ready. :bigsmile: