Does anybody know if there is a possibility to have something that notice that you have new mail? So when I receive a mail anytime a day, he tells directly or when I start up my pc. But it must be for Outlook!

There are load of programs around that do what you want.

You can either have them just notify you when you have new mail (without downloading the main from your mail-server for you) or you can have a fully functional email client that will let you browse/reply/delete messages etc.

For a huge collection try CNET Download.com and search for EMAIL.

All these programs will run independantly of Outlook and should be fully compatible.

Hope this helps!


thx but how do I find it there?
I mean what should I enter as searchkey?


Email Checker

Once you’ve picked one, if it isn’t freeware then try searching for a crack for it at AstaLaVista.

If you can’t find a crack then let me know and I’ll have a go at cracking it myself!

Hope this helps!


I’ve found a program I like and I also found the crack so I thank you