E:\is not accessable. Incorrect function!?

I have a machine with XP on it home ed. I have installed a Mad Dog MD-16xdvd9 on it. Has worked fine burning all things, no problem. I also have a LG cd-rom CRD-8400B on it and it worked fine for yrs.

Ever since I installed the dvd burner the drives come up with “E:\ is not accessable. Incorrect Function.” when I try to open the drive. They won’t recognize any disks in the drive until I reboot with the disk in it. This only happens when I try to read the disks. If I am using programs such as dvdshrink and decrypter it doesn’t do it until the whole burn is done and then I gotta reboot again to burn another.

Both drives work just fine. I have reinstalled both already and no change. What should I check and do now? I don’t get it.

You might want to check this thread. If there’s no help there, don’t hestitate to let us know :wink:

Remove Primary and Secondary IDE channels from Device Manager. Shut down PC and reset CMOS. Set the jumper on the NEC as MASTER and the other drive as SLAVE (secondary IDE channel). Reboot and verify that all devices are running in DMA mode. Retest.

If problem persists, move the LG to the SLAVE connector of the Primary IDE channel.

I didn’t post my thread until I went through the intro. Sorry I didn’t clarify that.

I don’t have an NEC but will this work the same anyway?
What is CMOS?

I see that I have a standard dual channel PCI IDE Controller, could you tell me what primary, secondary and the dual channel would be for?

Thankyou for the help.

The article about XP SP2 and the error I get, always refers to ROXIO programs. I don’t have any ROXIO programs unless in some way NERO is related.

Doesn’t the burner function that comes embedded in XP2 use Adaptec/Roxio drivers?
Could there be some conflict there?

Mad Dog = NEC. Just remove the primary and secondary IDE channels. Reboot and windows will reload the drivers. The PCI IDE controller does not affect the NEC drive.

I have done this and switch them both on the IDE controller and just the jumper. I even flashed the firmware on them. I did go through the other threads about this in the intro Dee-ehn had sent me to and also the microsoft web site. Microsoft spoke of older versions of roxio, I don’t think I have any installed. I went through and uninstalled all dvd/cd burning software except the window media, musicmatch, and sonicstage. I still can’t get them to work like they should.

Should I unistall these also to see if they are a problem, thing is I never had a problem before I installed the dvd burner so I don’t think it’s those particular burning software.

Or do you think different, what else should I try?

PS: I did just figure out MadDog=NEC when I got the firmware flash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ve gone through all the trouble shooting tips I could find and narrowed it down to two programs causing my grief. The first would be Nero Incd the second would Interactive Entertainment which came from a DVD movie I watched. The more I trouble shooted the worse the thing got and eventually it froze all my drives. :a So screw it I reformatted and reinstalled the programs I wanted. Problem solved, :cool: it runs better now than it did before the freeze. I don’t have anything I’m worried about loosing anyway.

Try this first to resolve the problem:

Right-Click on the drive w/ the problem
Recording Tab
and then check the “Enable CD Recording On This Drive” box.

The “E:\is not accessable. Incorrect function.” problem happened to me today and Google lead me here at the top of the search list but since reinstalling my OS was not an option! I searched further and found the simple fix which worked for me and others.

thank you Barnacle Bill - your brilliant, yet beautifully simplistic. if only the original person who posted the error message had seen your post before they ended up with windows all wrapped around the axil. Sony had already replaced my cd drive, and now they were telling me i would have to reformat. thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!