E-gear DVD+R/DVD-R

I just saw some DVD+R/DVD-R at Target branded as “e-gear”.
These are made in Taiwan.
Anyone know what type of discs these actually are?
A search on dvdrhelp media database turns up nothing…

I heard a rumor that they are Target’s new store brand. I’d bet on CMC being inside the CDR’s.

It is definitely a Target store brand.
The packaging says “made for Target” right on the front :wink:

I’d still like to know what these actually are… Anybody got these?

Yes I do along with 2510a and I can’t make any of them work. Could be me. I’ve very new to the DVD burning thing. The 2510a or says it’s a unwritable disk but I can do a “Nero CD-DVD” Speed test on them.

Since I posted this thread way back when, I have found out that these discs are actually made by CMC.

I just picked up a Target e-gear DVD+R 4X 25-disc spindle, and these discs have a media code of MCC 002, apparently made in Taiwan by CMC. I’ll probably return these, as I can get a much better price at Best Buy for TDK DVD+R 8X, which are most likely CMCMAG E01.

IIRC, the e-gear spindle I looked at the last time I was in Target said “Made for Target by Imation” on the packaging. Bleh CMC.

3 years later: