E-faxing a document, without a fax machine

E-faxing a document, without a fax machine

I have to sign a document, and fax it. The problem is I don’t have a printer or fax machine handy, and won’t for some time. I’m in the middle of nowhere. My question is, how can I electronically sign a document (even if that means just typing my name), and fax it to a fax number using a free e-faxing service online?


I don’t have a scanner either

Overnight express mail?

Go to some governmental building (post office, police station, hospital) where faxes usually are. :slight_smile:

You can insert your signature into many document types. It isn’t too difficult. I use a service called efax for mainly receiving faxes but you can also send them too. You also get your own telephone number with a local area code with an efax account. I’ve been using them for a few years.

There are software fax machines (I have used MightyFax and Ventafax, with good results) that can send any documents to a real fax machine, over a phone modem. They install a printer driver, and you just print the docs to the fax printer.

Yep petremure is correct been using one for years on Linux and they work like a real Fax machine on the computer . you can send and receive fax’s There is even one on the XP Cd not installed by default and you can use a word doc and fax it. Never used the one on XP my self, but from what I hear it’s not as good as the one on Linux but it works.

I’ve just discovered Signature Pilot from http://www.colorpilot.com/sign.html which does just what you need: sign an existing document and email it as pdf via a virtual pdf printer. No need of scanner, printer or fax.

Go to a Shop where a fax machine is available buddy.:cop: