E Drive not compatible with booktyping at all?

I have a NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD 107E (E:) (ATA) drive, my only writable compact disc drive. It accepts DVD+R, which is fine but I don’t think it supports booktyping DVD+R to DVD+ROM. In fact I don’t think it can booktype at all. Here’s what I’ve tried:

Nero BurningRom (option to booktype does not come up when I go to Choose a recorder>E:>Options

Alcohol 120 (Booktype to DVD-ROM is checked, but when I burn it it stays as a DVD+R)

ImgBurn (When I go to Booktype settings it says Error Failed)

I’ve been reading Liggy’s posts and some stuff on converting my 3100 to a 3500 drive, and then flashing a firmware for that (what is that?? and how do i do that?) and then download Liggy’s modified 3500 Bitsetting firmwares which would allow me to booktype to DVD-Rom. Did I say all that correctly, and would what I said work? If it does what is ‘flashing a firmware for my new firmware ID’ and where can I do it ? thanks.

Eh, I downloaded Liggy’s NEC Driver converter from here


and I’m about to convert my 3100 to a 3500… hopefully it won’t break or anything… thanks

1.) change the original ID (3100) to the new ID (3500) using [B]Liggy’s drive converter[/B].
2.) download a proper firmware (3500) and flash it in your drive using [B]Binflash[/B] (http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/). Win GUI version is user friendly and works perfectly.
I am curious whether it works for you because the crossflashing does not work with my drive ND-3530A (Step 5 in http://club.myce.com/f86/nec-nd-3530a-firmware-update-like-nd-3520a-nd-3540a-315469/).

Flashing between 3100 und 3500 works fine as they even share the same bootcode, while 3530 and 3540 are different.

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